Hechinger Automotive


The competitive pressure in plastics technology is very intense. A good thing then that we know the challenges facing our customers, and are able to support them with top-caliber performance levels, great expertise and quality at all times. We focus on exceptional, superior goods and longevity The team at Hechinger Automotive GmbH embodies professional development services – precise and reliable.

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We are always exchanging information with the manufacturers of our production equipment. This enables us to keep it at cutting-edge standards at all times, we are guided by the latest thinking, and can leverage areas of potential in an optimum manner. Machines specifically designed for our purposes give you the peace of mind of knowing that we are ideally prepared to carry out the work you need us to do.

Our product range is as diverse as the raw materials we employ. From us, you can obtain technical plastic components, metal-plastic compounds, drives for tachographs and mechanical mirror adjustment units.

Fields of application for our plastic products

  • Safety technology
  • Automotive technology
  • Antenna technology
  • Medical technology

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