Helmut Hechinger


Our assemblies are more than the sum of their parts. By virtue of our vertically integrated production facilities, we are able to produce all components within our Group of companies. Or you can supply us with parts that we integrate with equal precision in the overall system. This gives you the assurance of everything fitting together perfectly.

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Benefit from the extensive expertise of our Group of companies. With us, you will always have a single point of contact for all your questions. Magnet coil production, plastic injection molding for coil bodies, connectors or housings as well as the placement of electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCBs) are concentrated and carefully coordinated here. Short distances, rapid response capabilities, fast communication – that is what we understand by an efficient organization.

Fields of application for our assemblies

  • Automotive
  • Safety technology
  • Medical technology
  • Weaving machine controllers
  • Home engineering

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