Helmut Hechinger

Magnet coils

Magnet coils are one of the core skills and strengths of our company. We manufacture coils on coil bodies and air-core coils with a versatile range of applications. We can provide anything from medium to high volume production quantities! Our customers benefit here from our many decades of experience. With our expertise, our engineers can always come up with just the right solution.

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From an initial inquiry to development and up to readiness for volume production: We work closely with you on every order. On a dialog basis, we find suitable answers, even to difficult questions. Even last-minute changes in requirements are not a problem. We have an overview of all the essential details and can respond immediately. For you, this means optimum procedures and achievement of all predefined specifications.

Fields of application for our magnet coils

  • Exhaust gas treatment
  • Fuel injection technology in engines
  • Brake systems
  • Transmission control unit
  • Climatronic

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